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Recent Articles

Do Not Limit NSA’s Overseas Spying

No Limits For NSA’s Overseas Spying
The Christmas Season is finally here, that festive time of eggnog and good cheer, where “it’s better to give than to receive.”
Okay. Scratch that last one, for at least two big constituencies would strongly disagree.
1) Kids, since there’s nothing better than ripping open presents after interminably waiting for Santa.

Republicans Need To Combat Global Warming

Republicans Need To Combat Global Warming
Priceless campaign ad Number 112 against Tom Corbett: his nominee to head the Department of Environmental Protection stating climate change isn’t harmful.
Unlike so many political commercials that deliberately mislead or outright lie, this one will be clear cut, right out of the donkey’s mouth (the animal fits, even though he’s a Republican). Chris Abruzzo, the Guv’s pick for DEP Secretary, actually told that to the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

Eminent Domain: Government’s Ultimate Weapon

Eminent Domain: Government’s Ultimate Weapon
There’s both good news and bad.
The bad: Phoenixville Area School District has a need to expand, but has had trouble finding space it likes.
But fear not. There is good news that might solve the problem.
Eminent domain could be used to seize the houses of all the District’s school board members, thereby meeting the necessary classroom space requirements.

Give Thanks For America Being America

Give Thanks For America Being America
On a recent morning in Munich, Germany, an American hailed a cab. The driver, considerably younger than his mid-60’s passenger, immediately recognized that his fare was from the States. Exuding a pride that broke out into a huge smile, he exclaimed, "Ich bin ein Berliner,” showing his keen awareness of JFK's famous words in Berlin in 1962.

Corbett’s Gas Tax: His Path To Single Digit Approval

Corbett’s Gas Tax: His Path To Single Digit Approval
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
A hearty round of applause to Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled House and Senate! By granting GOP Governor Tom Corbett his most highly-sought prize --- the nation’s highest gas and diesel taxes --- the legislature has ensured two things:  1) Tommy Boy will lose next year’s election by an even bigger margin, and 2) he is now likely to achieve the impossible: an approval rating in the single digits. 

Alec Baldwin Gets Another Free Pass

Alec Baldwin: King Of The Double Standard
It’s official. We’ve hit “rock” bottom.
No, it’s not the debt ceiling debacle or Obamacare’s snafu. It’s much worse.
Alec Baldwin has threatened (yet again) to leave show business.
Upset that paparazzi are following him, he has stated he may exit stage “Left” in order to protect his family.

Jimmy Kimmel Supports Genocide? Has America Lost Its Mind?

Jimmy Kimmel Supports Genocide? Has America Lost Its Mind?
Pop question: What college major would provide an aspiring journalist the best chance of landing a job? Communications? Broadcast journalism? News production? 
None of the above. Instead, if you want to be taken seriously in today’s news industry, there’s only one course to master.
Comedy 101.

America's Political Correctness Is Suicidal

America’s Suicide By Political Correctness
Ask any middle-aged American, regardless of party, how the country is doing, and the invariable response is pessimistic, citing the shaky economy, soaring college costs and of course, the healthcare boondoggle.

Killing Pirates On The High Seas Is Long Overdue

Killing Pirates On The Spot Is Long Overdue
Water is wet. The sky is blue. And the West is gutless.
While all three are indisputable, only the last can change. But it will take sheer will and enormous courage to turn around two continents in a death spiral, the result of leaders prostrating themselves before the altar of political correctness, and a people too reluctant to challenge them.

Republican Fiasco Has Party Reeling

Republican Fiasco Has Party Reeling
Upon witnessing the “compromise deal” that reopened the government and raised the debt ceiling, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger political disaster than what befell the GOP.  Let’s review.
The Republican Party:
- Ran horrible candidates and lost big time in 2012;
- Didn’t like Obamacare, but because of Point One, didn’t have the votes to repeal or amend it;


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